Terms & Conditions

  • Parties
    Solid Roofs 4U Ltd (Co. Reg. 10794786) is hereinafter called “the Company” and is the Corporate Body that supplies the goods to any individual firm, company, individual or other party that with whom the Company has entered into a contract of sale and delivery to is called “the Customer”.

  • Goods
    The goods ordered and accepted by the Customer are at a fixed price with a delivery within a reasonable time, this date stated on the order schedule. No apportionment for goods delivered in part or whole may be taken. The price rules at the day of despatch. Once delivered the Customer is responsible for the care and security of the goods.

    Goods delivered to mainland ports are to the agent of or the Customer, from this port delivery point, the responsibility for the goods passes to the agent or shipper on behalf of or the Customer.

  • Delivery
    The goods are usually delivered on the same day and may comprise separate deliveries on that day or another and are to the address provided by the Customer. The Company will make best endeavours to provide a delivery/s date/s and these are expected date/s and the Company cannot be held responsible for failure on these date/s and cannot be held responsible for matters beyond its control. A delivery address change attracts a charge of £200 plus VAT. Deliveries are to mainland England and its Ports; additional delivery charges of £200 plus VAT to central London, Cornwall, Wales and Scotland.

  • Re-delivery
    Should the goods not be able to be delivered due to the Customer not able to accept the goods and the Customers advice is less than three working days and by e-mail only then the delivery/s re-scheduled are at a cost to the Customer and at a date acceptable to the Company. The re-delivery will create a charge of £300 plus VAT to the Customer, once paid, the delivery/s will be re-scheduled and effected, again subject to the goods being able to be received. If the Company receives an e-mail advising a re-schedule by the Customer at least three working days prior to the scheduled delivery day/s, the additional charges will not apply.

  • Risk of Goods
    The goods purchased and on delivery are accepted as in an acceptable condition, any claims for damages must be within 7 days of receipt, and must advise by e-mail to the Company. Goods, once delivered are the responsibility of the Customer and the Customer must indemnify the Company in respect of any injury to any person, animal, any living thing together with any property whether the goods are with or without defect or any items included or not included.

  • Manufacture
    The goods delivered are on the full payment to the Company, the Customer on the ordering of the goods accepts that the Customer is satisfied that the goods ordered are able to be fitted and to fit and suit what is required. The Company is not held responsible or liable for measurements provided by the Customer.

  • Shades and Materials
    Material shades and samples shown on web pages or brochures cannot be deemed accurate to the actual shade or material and the Company may change products or manufacturing processes.

  • Packaging and Manufacturing
    The Company can allow certain materials to be delivered in excess of the goods ordered; ‘an allowance,’ this does not mean that these are to be returned or credited, all surplus materials, cartons pallets or any packaging that relates to the delivered goods is the responsibility of the Customer to attend to.

  • Right to Cancel
    If you are a private Customer you have 14 days to change your mind from date of order acceptance but as we have on your instructions herein started the works and services, you the Customer have herein instructed the Company by this contract and hereby waive your right to cancel, all works undertaken within this 14 day period along with works and services beyond such period are chargeable to the Customer.

  • Communication
    All communications must be by e-mail to the Company. Service by post only.