Do you have a Lean To Conservatory? Lean To Conservatories are one of the most popular styles we work with. This is perhaps because they are fitted more than any other around the UK.

Lean To Conservatories are great spaces to enjoy. Unfortunately, with cold Winters, your Lean To Conservatory can become rather uncomfortable.

Our Solid Roof Replacements fix the issues that your existing glass or poly carbonate conservatory roof has. Our roofs are warm in Winter and cool in Summer meaning you can spend more days of the year relaxing in your Lean To Conservatory.

If you don't have a Lean To Conservatory and you have a different style fitted to your home; our wide range of Solid Roof Styles is available for you to choose from. Simply select the style you already have or would like and fill out one of our online enquiry forms to arrange a Free Quotation.

All our quotations are Free and without obligation. Our advice is professional and impartial too. Call 08000 28 29 39 or enquire online today to arrange an appointment with one of our professional local Surveyors who will be happy to answer questions you may have regarding your Lean To Conservatory or any other style you wish to enquire about.