If you have a Conservatory with a glass or poly carbonate roof then you may find that it is cold in the Winter and too hot in the Summer. You may find that one of our solid Roof Replacements is a good option for you.

While Conservatories are a great addition to most homes, they are in fact, unusable for the most part of the year. This is because the thermal insulating properties of glass and poly carbonate roofs are of minimal value. This is unavoidable.

There is a choice and a remedy to this problem. If you have an existing conservatory and would like more use out of it during the year and for years to come, without having to have a new conservatory or extension built; the cost savings of our Solid Roof Replacements are enormous. Plus, you will probably save on your energy and heating bills too because less heat will be escaping through the roof of the old glass or poly carbonate.

If you have a conservatory and you are looking for one of our new Solid Roof Replacements you may be interested to learn more about the range we have on offer. Please view our Styles Page to learn more.

We are experts in Conservatory Solid Roof Replacements and we have the largest range on offer.

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