Frequently Asked Questions

You asked so we answered...

Conservatory Solid Roof Requirements mean that the solid roof system has been specifically designed to weigh no more than a glazed roof and is fully tested and approved by industry experts for it’s structural performance. In addition, the results have enabled certification by the LABC (England & Wales) and the LABSS (Scotland). The solid roof is designed and engineered to replace the entire existing roof. Some conversion systems only overclad the existing roof which was never designed to carry additional weight. Conservatories have reinforcing posts to take the weight of glazed roofs. Conservatories built before 1996 may not have sufficient support. A survey will determine the suitability and, where required, will provide a structural solution to support the solid roof.
The Solid Roof System has been subjected to independent thermal analysis that takes into account the entire roof assembly, including cold bridging, to give a true U-value as required by Building Regulations. Cold bridging has a major impact on U-value and, if not taken into account, will reduce thermal performance. Many roof conversions state similar U-values or better, but these are theoretical unless the entire assembly has been thermally tested. If in doubt, ask!
After months of testing the Solid Roof with various materials, a superior lightweight aluminium frame was chosen due to its high-performance structural properties.
In compliance with LABC / LABSS, the Guardian Roof is a ventilated roof. Slots in the ring and ridge beams allow air to flow freely through the roof allowing any moisture to exit. With many unproven roof conversions, moisture can form inside the roof causing staining and mould growth to the internal plasterboard, leading to deterioration or even failure of the roof components.
Under certain criteria, the Solid Warm Roof System would be exempt from Building Control approval. But, as the Guardian Warm Roof System carries LABC /LABSS certification, the Building Control process should proceed faster, smoother and without complication. Due to the high performance insulation and with Building Control approval, the Guardian Warm Roof System, may allow the removal of the wall between the house and conservatory, providing the flexibility to extend and enlarge an existing kitchen, living room or bedroom.
You will need plans for a new Solid Roof Extension. If your architect hasn't drawn these for you, our in house architect will do this for you. Finer details regarding your required specifications will be covered with you upon initial survey.

Yes. We have a wide range of Conservatory framework, styles and colours to suit you. Call us or enquire online to arrange an appointment to discuss your requirements.

It depends. Most conservatories were built to fall within the bounds of 'Permitted Development'. This means that Planning Permission did not need to be sought at the time. One of our Surveyors will be happy to assist in questions you may have regarding this and any Conservatory Solid Roof Requirements you may have. You can find lots more information regarding this topic in one of our Blogs - Conservatory Planning Permission.